13 thoughts on “Welcome to Free PS3 Codes!”

  1. if u hav ps3 i tried this code i8ph-cibd-rk2h it workks its for 50 dollars on the ps3 but it says on mine that it couldnt be added to my fund so idk maybe if someone else tried it it might work if ur lucky but this is a reeal code try it and see

  2. ehy man i tried that too…, but it didn’t work either ….. i dont know whats going on if it says $50 funds ….mmmmm X(

  3. so yeah I tried that code and it worked. Only problem is it wouldn’t let funds be transfered to my account. Wierd. Got an Error says “The funds could not be added to your wallet.”
    Code def works.

  4. Dose this realy work because i think it dose not but if it dose i need prove so send me a ps3 code please juest to see if it realy woks so that i can sign in and start geting my own ps3 codes

  5. ok this are free codes not used
    all of 50 dollar i don’t now if works traied and if are good great good luck

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